Pre-print /Desktop publishing



We have our own division of designers and pre-print specialists who could easily visualize your ideas and prepare printing files.


You have an Idea. it’s even visualized by your design team. We could put the final touches and DTP in various electronic formats and on different platforms, prepress and print.

At the end of the process you would receive your document, prepared in the desired format: pdf, tiff, eps, or whatever else formats you need along with the working files.


logo  Company’s brochures, catalogues and other documents;


logo    Books, company newspapers and newsletters;


logo   Replication - implementation of your idea for different   advertising vehicles. We would find some appropriate creative solutions for you to choose from and then we would DTP the right one;


logo   Brand manual development, including text translation, artwork generation and/or appropriate amendments;


logo   Vector and raster graphics editing, rendering, 3-D modeling;


logo  Text setting, editing and modifying.


Made with modern CTP-exponators Trendsetter Quantum 800, which supersedes the old films exponation equipment and enables reaching of quite high printing standards