The custom products carry greater value than mass ones. That’s why we devote a whole division to the production of our clients` advertising and communication materials. As custom products and services are unique, we produce each one individually, usually using the skills of artist, craftsman and even tailor and currier  to meet the size, color, shape, material, style and budget of the client.

During the process we involve the clients in the design and materials selection. Our favorite tools are innovation and quality as well as profound knowing of the current production styles,  techniques and individual attention.


We turn the main disadvantage of custom manufacture – the production time – into our priority. We provide enough time for interactions between the designer and the client, and time for consultations for fitting and changes along the way.

logo  Leather folders and menus, paper folders, boxes and other ad materials with customized shapes


logo   Souvenirs


logo  Company uniforms and apparel branding